Bridge deals for Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday special: all 10 HCP deals, plus a bidding melee

First, a set of deals where each player has 10 HCP. Can’t we all just get along? NO! Someone will find a way to bid. But can they play the hand?

This is the link to the PBN file.

This is the link to the LIN file.

Let’s not pretend to be all friendly. Here are deals designed to lead to interference of all kinds: overcalls with a long suit, 1NT overcalls, takeout doubles, negative doubles, cuebids. All of those things happen in random deals, of course, but most of these deals are guaranteed to lead to bidding mayhem. They are based on a script I like to call Bidding Melee V001, and there is even a handy guide to the purpose and structure of each deal if you don’t want to just wing it.

This is a link to the PBN file.

This is a link to the LIN file.


If you want to see how sets of deals are generated for this blog, or if you want to try to generate your own deals, check out my website and program that I use. This blog post has a link to the program website and to other useful information.