Bridge, Out Ahead is a blog and newsletter that provides a daily set of 32 bridge deals in files suitable for loading into bridge software.

At or near the top of each blog post you will see links to two files. One link is for a file in Portable Bridge Notation (PBN) format. The other link is for a file in LIN format. You should be able to click on the links and download the files. While the formats are different, the same deals are in both files.

Here are two sample links.

This is the link to the PBN file.

This is the link to the LIN file.

Each PBN file has been tested by loading it into the Bridge app from NeuralPlay on an Android phone. At the time of this writing the iOS version does not support PBN import, but the website says it will do so eventually.

You may try loading the PBN files into any app that allows you to import such files. While I do not intend to test my files on numerous platforms, I will always test them in NeuralPlay. Please let me know if you encounter problems loading the file into any app that supports PBN, and I will work with you to adjust my files if it is possible to do so without my having to maintain different versions.

Each LIN file has been tested by loading it into my own deal archive on BridgeBase.

Most files will contain 32 deals. Dealer and vulnerability will be in the order shown on the back of the ACBL Standard Yellow Card so you could, if you were so inclined, use these hands in a duplicate bridge setting.

Starting off, each day of the week will have a theme, as follows:

  • Monday - Random shuffle, no preset configuration.

  • Tuesday - Dealer can open 1 of a major.

  • Wednesday - Dealer can open 1 of a minor.

  • Thursday - Dealer can open 1 NT.

  • Friday - Dealer has a potential weak opener. Could be an 11-point hand with a six-card suit or two good five-card suits, could be Rule of 20 + 2, could be Rule of 15, could be a preempt.

  • Saturday - Dealer has a high-point hand.

  • Sunday - Initially this will feature deals where every hand has exactly 10 HCP. Do you have a weak opener in there? How good is your card play with limited strength? If I get enough feedback, I may instead devote Sunday to fulfilling reader requests for particular deal configurations.

The deals and potential opening bids are generated by a computer program developed by the author of this blog. You may disagree with the opening bid suggested by the program (e.g. for Thursday deals I say the dealer would open 1NT). That’s fine! These deals are just starting points for study and play. Bid it out and play it in your favorite software, and see where it takes you.

I welcome feedback for improving the blog. Slobbering testimonials are even more welcome.